Lover of stationery, zines, and all printed matter documenting my adventures in travelogues.

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  • Housewarming Cards

    Housewarming Cards

    Moving to a new state and getting guests for the first time means gifts, celebrations, and most importantly, cards. I collect every card I receive in this scrapbook. My favorite thing about my family is that they are just as sentimental as I am. We prefer to write and our feelings certainly come out in…

  • Letters from Russia

    Letters from Russia

    The best thing about making friends abroad is being able to send each other care packages and write letters. It started when I was seven and moved away from Tucson. I kept in touch with my cousins and my best friend through letters. Even though we had email and could text soon after, writing letters…

  • March 2020

    March 2020

    I typically do not enjoy my birthday because of built-up anxiety and wanting to make the day perfect but a fun fact is that my 28th birthday was the very first day of lockdown. It was the beginning of some of the best years. I finally had time to breathe and sit and create and…

  • Another year, another year of travels

    Another year, another year of travels

    Everytime I travel somewhere new, I make a new journal documenting well, basically everything. No meal or sight is left undocumented. My partner reads these little journals and is impressed that every little chicken nugget I eat has profound signifigance to me. Well, I interpret it as being a super neurotic traveler. By now, I…

  • Why is stationery so special to me?

    Why is stationery so special to me?

    Mun Guey means stationery in Cantonese. I believe I sort of have an ancestral memory for all things written on paper. My paternal grandfather traveled all around the world with his friends when he was in his twenties and thirties. He’s been to practically every country in Europe and Asia. He has brothers in Taiwan…