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One of my favorite travel partners is my grandpa. He and I have been to countless places… Brazil, Hong Kong, Canada, Northwestern United States, just to name a few. It had been more than a year since we went to Brazil, our last trip. So it was time for another trip…

I got the idea to visit a bug museum from Atlas Obscura. That is one of my favorite travel sites and I’ve used it to find recommendations for strange and interesting places all over the world. Davis is less than an hour drive from Sacramento, where my grandpa lives.

With biology in mind, Davis seemed to match the mood. We saw a giant crane up close in the parking lot. We saw a wild turkey on the road. I don’t know what it was, but Davis had a very conservation-oriented, animal-friendly vibe. We definitely saw it in the museum and just in the space around UC Davis, where the museum was.

The museum was small but interesting. It’s said to be the largest collection of cataloged insects in the world. Large shelves require wheels to be moved around. Pretty cool. They had tarantulas, stick bugs, and other creepy crawlies they were letting children hold. Our trip was short but sweet.