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My husband and I have had a fascination with Gilroy ever since we moved here. Apparently, it is the largest exporter of garlic in the world, and if you’re eating garlic, chances are it’s from a farm in Gilroy. Gilroy is just south of San Jose and not considered part of the Bay Area. It’s known for farms, wide open space, and where people from the Bay Area move to when they’re priced out. That, and Modesto, and Sacramento, and Tracy.

Despite it’s reputation, I quite like going there. The first time I really got to know it was during a birthday party at a winery. I thought to myself, this is a real California event. I’ve made it. I had only been living there for two years and it felt right. It wasn’t Napa, but I liked that even better.

The second time was for a bachelorette party, and the third time was for my husband’s second Covid shot. The last time I saw Gilroy was during outlet shopping, on one of my last days living in California. It always has a soft spot in my heart. I don care for huge tourist destinations. I love places that others have considered “boring” and low key. It’s probably why my husband and I decided to move to Vermont.