Lover of stationery, zines, and all printed matter documenting my adventures in travelogues.


Busan, Korea is where I found myself in 2015 after living one year in Russia. I backpacked through Siberia and the Far East and left the country on the day my visa expired. Going to an Asian country was almost like a well-deserved homecoming. There was Western food. There were the conveniences I had taken for granted and yearned for while living in Russia.

I picked up this journal from Istanbul, used it to document my travels in Seoul. I kept a single roll of paper-based hot pink washi tape with my at all times for taping tickets down. The roll of tape was paper-based so I could tear it off easily.

In Seoul, I visited countless temples and made a day trip to the infamous demilitarized zone. I spent two weeks in Korea, then was off to Vietnam. Korea was a dizzying, wonderful place that I never fully processed because of my short time there.