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New York City

I’ve lost track of the times I’ve been to New York City. If I had never met my partner (who’s from New York), I probably would not have had the chance to see it in all the different ways that I have. I don’t know if summer or winter in the city is better. For one, summer in the city means a happier Long Island. But being bundled up in New York doesn’t stop New Yorkers.

The first time I went to New York City, it was for a month. I stayed in both Nassau County and the Upper East Side of the city and took everything in for the first time. It was Christmas and everything in New York was exactly like I had pictured it. Plus, my partner’s mom is a New York City Tour Guide (apparently there is an exam you take for this certification). We went on one of her tours.

Then we went back three different times for three different weddings. Two in the summer, one in the winter. Perhaps I am not from the East coast and only came into this habit as an adult, I feel cool telling others I go to New York for weddings

One winter, I went to hang out with my uncle and watch musicals. I think in one weekend we saw three shows. We’re crazy. I stayed at one of my high school best friend’s apartments. It was an awesome time that involved too many late nights and junk food. 

One winter I went to the city to a conference. I got to know a small aspect of Columbia University. I showed one of my other best friends around Coney Island and Brighton Beach, the gritty Russian side.  

One summer I spent a whole week lazing around Long Island. I hopped boardwalk art fairs, got my nails done, and ate a lot of pizza rolls. 

New York has always been a place of good memories. Despite it being portrayed in the media as a place that is fast-paced, I’ve only seen the casual laid-back side of New York, and I don’t really want that to change.