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Some of my best travels happen right when I quit a job. I remember when I quit my crappy retail sales associate job in Austin the day I bought a ticket to Long Beach. And with the latest trip, I quit a job and flew off to Portland that very night.


I get so cooped up working for too long. And I feel like exploding if I am not in a new place very soon.

I met up with my sisters and mom in Portland, Oregon. It was itching to become a consumer again. Portland was the perfect place for that. I spend all year saving my money so that when I travel, I can eat at the coolest restaurants and drink all. the. alcohol.


My favorite places in Portland:

  1. Bollywood Theater – Kitschy Indian street food restaurant I did NOT want to like because cultural appropriation but ended up being the best meal of the trip. I had Gobi Manchurian (fried cauliflower), Pork Vindaloo and Pimm’s Cup.
  2. Kennedy School – A school turned into hotel/bar/theater. My sisters and I snuck into the pool. We got to chose from “Honors Bar” or “Detention Bar”. A very unique place.