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San Luis Obispo

My friend was living in LA and I was a new transplant in San Jose. We wanted to meet but didn’t want to drive over nine hours to see each other. We settled on San Luis Obispo, a cute town right in the middle.

San Luis Obispo was having a poppin’ weekend. They were having a succulent and cactus show, strawberry festival, and a few other events. We checked out the beach, Madonna Inn, and also some natural hot springs.

The strawberry festival was weirdly sad because there were no strawberries, like at all. And there were a looooot of tents with distributors of MLM products there. Is this more a commentary of “middle America”? It was confusing for us outsiders, to say the least.

Since visiting, I’ve met a lot of people that went to school here with mixed feelings. Personally, I don’t know if I’d ever be back with the exception of the Madonna Inn. My friend and I had happy hour here but I would love to stay a night in one of their eclectic rooms.

Sycamore Springs is definitely a gem. It is tucked away on the side of a mountain, with private tubs filled with sulfur water. It was so relaxing.