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Austin, through the eyes of a visitor

What is my hometown? I never know how to answer this question. Is it where I was born? Is it where I live now? Is it the “reason” I look the way I do? I usually change the answer depending on who is asking.

I’ve lived in Austin for over twenty years. I moved away only three years ago. When I left, it was definitely time to go. Austin’s infrastructure was never made to support the large population it has now. Because of it’s reputation as a “cool” place with low taxes, a lot of predatory short-term companies, start-ups, and (white) people have moved there.

However, I still cherish my friends who live all over. Many have been pushed up north to smaller suburbs like Cedar Park and Round Rock. Many are east in Manor now. Or south in Kyle.

My favorite thing about Austin is all the good food and drinks. With the exception of real Asian food, it is a fun place to visit with friends if you just want to hangout. My favorite nostalgia spot will always be Chuy’s.

In Austin, I grew up near many watering holes. Jumping into a creek with your friends is really typical here. That’s probably why I have no hesitation jumping into any body of water now. Since quarantine, I’ve heard all the local spot are packed and there’s trash everywhere. That’s a shame.