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  • Northwest Austin

    Northwest Austin

    I found an old map of Austin while visiting my grandpa one summer afternoon. It was a map from the 90’s, and there are many more roads than there are on the map. I decided to cut it up and reflect on every corner of Northwest Austin – places I’ve been, that were special to…

  • Austin and my many homes

    Austin and my many homes

    I lived in Austin for almost twenty-five years and called several places home, mostly in North Austin. I have fond memories of all the places I’ve lived. My childhood home was on 360 and Spicewood Springs, a house I’ll return to over and over again for holidays. The home represented stability and quiet. While I…

  • Memories of Austin through restaurants

    Memories of Austin through restaurants

    I found an old wallet filled with punchcards from Austin. There were about thirty in there. Didn’t I say I was a paper hoarder? If it’s printed, I want to keep it. I decided to record some of my favorite places in a tiny journal. Some of the punchcards were from places I love, whereas…

  • Austin, through the eyes of a visitor

    Austin, through the eyes of a visitor

    What is my hometown? I never know how to answer this question. Is it where I was born? Is it where I live now? Is it the “reason” I look the way I do? I usually change the answer depending on who is asking. I’ve lived in Austin for over twenty years. I moved away…