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For spring break, my boyfriend and I took a road trip to Colorado. We visited Crestone, Valley View, and Colorado Springs. We also stopped at Zapata Falls and Great Sand Dunes National Park. For this trip, I created a journal that we could both write in.


This journal alternated between pages written by my boyfriend, and pages written by me. The highlight of our trip was certainly Valley View Hot Springs. It is a hot spring located on the side of a mountain, overlooking the entire valley. It is all-nude. We shared the water with snakes and deer. It was my first time sleeping in a car.


All of Colorado was like a scene out of a magical realism novel. We met strange people and encountered places that were lost in time. One such place was a roadside alligator nursery where we got to hold an actual alligator. Another weird location was the Japanese shumei. It was some kind of nature-based sustenance-farming cult that has roots in only Japan and Crestone, Colorado and we attended a Sunday “healing service”. Another weird place was a bar with live music in Crestone. We saw how dreadlocked new-age white people dance and I’m not sure if I want to see that again.


My boyfriend and I also walked around a frozen waterfall. I face planted about three times per minute. It was probably infuriating at the time. But our recollections are humorous to look back at.

My favorite places in Colorado:

  1. Valley View Hot Springs
  2. Great Sand Dunes National Park