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Our honeymoon

Sometimes I think that as a couple, Casey and I are blessed with extraordinarily good luck. We didn’t really have a honeymoon plan because we were worried about Covid after the event. Two days after our wedding, we thought that maybe we should just do it? We thought about Humboldt County and seeing whales – but the 5+ hour drive didn’t seem worth it. All we knew was that we wanted a private tub to soak together.

Almost magically, we found the perfect place in Napa – the Carneros Resort. It is a beautiful resort with individual cottages. Our suite was absolutely the most luxurious place we had ever stayed. We had our own patio and garden, with an outdoor tub. The bathroom floors were heated, there was a fireplace right in front of the cozy bed, and a giant window that we never shut during our three day honeymoon. It was really the best thing we could have ever found. The best part was that it was just little over an hour away from home. We really didn’t want to leave. The resort was amazing. We had our little orange son at home, which we couldn’t leave alone for too long.

The entire week left me in a heavenly haze. Almost half a year later, I still can’t believe that week was real. The wedding ceremony, reception, and honeymoon were magical, and so much good luck and blessings showered upon us.