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Category: Wedding

  • Our honeymoon

    Our honeymoon

    Sometimes I think that as a couple, Casey and I are blessed with extraordinarily good luck. We didn’t really have a honeymoon plan because we were worried about Covid after the event. Two days after our wedding, we thought that maybe we should just do it? We thought about Humboldt County and seeing whales –…

  • Our Wedding Reception

    Our Wedding Reception

    With no end to the pandemic in sight, Casey and I wanted to make sure our guests could at least have a little fun for driving so far. We rented an Airbnb and with the owner’s permission, we had a lunchtime party in the backyard. We had ten guests. Bloomster’s handled the tables, chairs, and…

  • Our Jewish Ceremony

    Our Jewish Ceremony

    I converted to Judaism after a year-long course put together by four local temples. I found the perfect rabbi after meeting four San Jose area rabbis in the process. She was the one who also helped me convert to Judaism, and officiated our wedding ceremony. For the wedding ceremony, we needed candles, kiddish cups, and…

  • Our sweet elopement

    Our sweet elopement

    Casey and I decided to have a pandemic elopement. We don’t regret it, because we would have chosen a small, intimate ceremony anyway. Despite the ceremony lasting about one hour – it was still nerve-racking! So many moving parts. The flowers, the booking of the park, the rabbi, getting everything together. The ceremony was a…