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Rue Sainte-Catherine, Montreal

I really love planning Casey’s birthday. For one birthday while we were living in San Jose, we drove up to San Francisco and enjoyed a day of eating mushroom risotto at a fancy French restaurant. Foraging and identifying mushrooms was our favorite pastime at that point.

For this year’s birthday, I wanted to treat him to Korean food, his favorite cuisine. I poked around a few Asian Montreal Facebook groups to find out which were the best Korean bbq places in town and we drove up to have an amazing lunch. It rained a lot so we had to dash there and dash to a chocolate cafe for dessert immediately after, ha. We got so wet and so cold we bought all new outfits at Uniqlo, one of our favorite stores anyway.

We read books at two different bookshops, acted as bystanders during a protest, and found a bulgogi spot off of St. Catherine’s for dinner. The street is filled with shops and great restaurants.

Montreal is our favorite place to visit since we’ve moved to Vermont and we’ve visited three times in the span of a few months. It’s cosmopolitan feel gives us the comforts of all the foods we missed about California. It feels European in the way people behave and dress. We love spending weekends here.