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So if Los Angeles is the Los Angeles of California, I would say that Waterbury is the Los Angeles of Vermont. Waterbury is very fun.

On one street alone, there’s Ben and Jerry’s factory, a cidery, cheese factory, distillery, coffee roaster, brewery, state police office, and huge gun outlet. It’s basically the eating capital of Vermont, though some may argue it’s actually White River Junction, as King Arthur Flour is based there; or Cabot, since Cabot cheese comes from there; or Burlington, the most urbanized area in the state. But I stand firm in that the fun capital is Waterbury.

Just down the road from Waterbury is Stowe, one of the most famous ski resorts in all of Vermont. So it makes sense that all the food fun is within minutes of that destination.

On one of my visits to Waterbury, with my sisters, we got asked to model in an apple cider catalog. That was pretty cool. We posed for photos (with our regular clothes on) for a few minutes and got donuts and ciders to take home.