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Category: New England

  • Boston


    If you hadn’t caught on to my life yet, I run a literary and art magazine called Canto Cutie that showcases the work of Cantonese diasporic artists and writers. I’ve been creating, printing, and distributing this magazine since 2020, when I was living in an apartment in San Jose. Pretty much day one of the…

  • New Bedford

    New Bedford

    In 2022, I took the magazine on an unofficial tour! First to Boston for the Boston Art Book Fair and then Brooklyn for Zine Fair NYC. In Boston, I stayed in New Bedford for three nights. New Bedford is a small town before the Cape about an hour outside of Boston. I had a lot…

  • Watertown, Massachusetts

    Watertown, Massachusetts

    Watertown is a city west of Boston that I had a great time selling zines at. I met a lot of great people there.

  • Northampton


    One Saturday, I drove down to Western Massachusetts for a zine fair and had the time of my life. Making zines have brought me to places I have never been and has been the best ice-breaker in new environments. I’ve taken part of zine fests in New Haven, Northampton, and Watertown, and a book festival…

  • Boston


    Fourth time’s the charm. I came for the first time in 2018 with my friend Samantha. I got my bearings – the Isabella Gartner Stewart Museum, Fanuil Hall, Boston Market, Little Italy. My second trip was with my sisters in 2021, where it was more of an eating trip. We ate a lot of lobster…

  • Laconia, New Hampshire

    Laconia, New Hampshire

    I had never spent much time in New Hampshire, other than an hour stroll through Lebanon. I drove to Dover for a swim meet at the height of summer. I really underestimated how much time it would take. It was a three and a half hour car ride and when I arrived, I was in…

  • Cambridge


    I did not expect to like this small town very much but I’m glad I was wrong. Harvard’s campus is wonderfully picturesque, but I loved their university museum most of all. I even became a member. I’ve never supported a museum before this so this is my amazing venture into being an adult with cash…

  • Salem


    Every witchy girl has a bucket list destination, and it’s Salem, Massachusetts. Myself included, I had to visit during a Halloween. For the weeks leading up to the trip, I read posts on Reddit about how much locals hate the tourists and what is a tourist-trap and more. Despite all of that, I still went…