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  • Marche Jean Talon

    Marche Jean Talon

    Another trip to our beloved Montreal. We’ve been living in Vermont for less than two years and we’ve been eight times. Each time, our heart swells a little more by how much we love Montreal. Casey and I call our last trip our best trip, because we did it all right. We brought guests with…

  • Tucson


    It’s good to be back in Tucson. Tucson is sort of my second home, after all the other places I have lived before. We came during February and we couldn’t be happier to get away from the negative temperatures in Vermont. I ate my body weight in Mexican food, which I really missed, especially birria.…

  • Boston


    If you hadn’t caught on to my life yet, I run a literary and art magazine called Canto Cutie that showcases the work of Cantonese diasporic artists and writers. I’ve been creating, printing, and distributing this magazine since 2020, when I was living in an apartment in San Jose. Pretty much day one of the…

  • New Bedford

    New Bedford

    In 2022, I took the magazine on an unofficial tour! First to Boston for the Boston Art Book Fair and then Brooklyn for Zine Fair NYC. In Boston, I stayed in New Bedford for three nights. New Bedford is a small town before the Cape about an hour outside of Boston. I had a lot…

  • Manhattan


    I had a great day in the city with my in-laws. We played mini-golf, got fancy pastries, went to a photography museum, and ended the night with Korean BBQ.

  • Richmond, Vermont

    Richmond, Vermont

    Richmond is a cute town that some friends have told me that I should move to. Too bad, because we love where we live already! I’ve been there a few times, and each time has been really magical. The first time I really got to hang out here was with my friend Nicole, who we…

  • South Hero, Vermont

    South Hero, Vermont

    South Hero is the southernmost Champlain island and only a thirty minute drive from my home. Summer weekends are where the Islands really shine, with their farmer’s markets and Vermonters going to their dachas. Except they don’t call them dachas, they call them “camp” and we’ve always been jealous of our friends who go to…

  • Shelburne Museum

    Shelburne Museum

    We’ve had over twelve guests come stay at our guest room this summer. It’s partly due to my urging of everyone come visit us, but also because Vermont is the perfect vacation destination in the summer. There’s no place like it. Californians can’t get enough of the green, New Yorkers can’t get enough of the…

  • Watertown, Massachusetts

    Watertown, Massachusetts

    Watertown is a city west of Boston that I had a great time selling zines at. I met a lot of great people there.

  • Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal

    Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal

    This trip was our first time spending the night! And our first time using public transport. By now, we knew our way around and could lead others around the city. This time, we actually went into Notre Dame, instead of just hanging around outside. The expected highlight of the trip was going to the Montreal…